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George & Janene Giakoumis says

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November 2018

I had the ultimate fortune of hiring Jeanine Panarelli to facilitate our short sale.  Right from the start she was proactive in getting our property notice, from the well advertised house listing to its multiple showings.  Little did I know that this short sale would take seven months to complete (we had two mortgages to negotiate). Jeanine always made us feel like we were her number one customers and never gave up hope when things looked dim.  In fact, when questioned by our buyer’s attorney about the feasibility of success, Jeanine was the key person who was able to re-inspire both sides and guide us back on course.  

She was more than capable in working with the bank’s negotiators, real estate attorneys, and the buyer’s real estate agent.  She was always articulate, professional, and especially persistent with the numerous calls, faxes, and emails required in our short sale. Her knowledge base in the various rules and regulations of a short sale was better than our attorney…she eventually guided our attorney in the final negotiations.  Throughout the whole process, Jeanine represented us with complete professionalism, never lost sight of the goal, and was successful.  We truly believe that our short sale was completed because of Jeanine Panarelli.


George & Janene Giakoumis


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